Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kurt Too Soon.

the late, the great, the man (and band) who started a much needed musical revolution. Kurt Cobain was a HUGE influence on me as an adolescent coming up in a school dominated by sagging pants, west coast gangster rap, and trouble. Nirvana was simply one of those bands i could not stop listening to well into high school, college, and even today. we don't have many albums from Nirvana but i definitely hang tight to those we do have. i still have the entire Unplugged set on VHS somewhere. and sadly, on that same tape, i have the report they [MTV] did following his death. it was a ridiculously long special spanning a few hours. you know, when MTV actually played music videos and music-related shows and not the garbage "reality" tv it has become. Nirvana will forever be one of those bands i will not ever get to see live which is a deeply saddening reality, but in the end, the music is what is important and i have plenty to grow old too in my tattered pants.

Rest In Paradise Kurt. you were taken way too soon from the world of music.

11" x 14" acrylics and inks on bristol