Sunday, July 3, 2011

One Nutmeg.

many years ago toward the end of high school i began seeking out hip hop. not just the rap music i grew up on, but HIP HOP. a lot of my skate homies were constantly talking about this Wu-Tang and i even saw many Ws appear on decks in my CCS catalogs. one day a good friend of mine turns me on to this MC from Wu. he hands me a cd and lets me borrow it. i took it home and popped it in my stereo as soon as i got home. the cd was Supreme Clientele and the first track, as many of you know, called Nutmeg. this was the FIRST and official that set me off down the path of hip hop. i was hooked immediately from the music alone. the name on the cd was Ghostface Killah and when Ghost approached the mic i was blown away!! i truly was in complete awe of this new style of "rap". this led to many more Wu sessions and finding other of my favorites like Jedi Mind, Atmosphere, and even Joell Ortiz down the road as well as MC battles, graffiti, and the entire hip hop culture. crazy how ONE cd managed to make that strong of an impact on my life and my work.

thanks Aaron, that cd truly changed my life. get out there and cop some Ghostface Killah if you haven't already and show ya peoples what real hip hop is all about.

11" x 14" acrylics and inks on bristol