Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Portal Hopper.

last year i was @ a friend's recording studio and before settin up, Pandora was blazin up the monitors. suddenly the most chilling and extiting electrical notes filled the room. it was unlike anything i ever heard and i was immediately drawn in. high pitch notes with a fantastic delay set this track off from jump street. it was like the most cosmic nerdy shit you ever heard that had me feeling like i was on a spacecraft millions of light years away. its like a heart pumping jolt to your system. the song was called Portal Hopping by The Polish Ambassador. i sought this cat out shortly after and yo this dude is on some intergalactic nebulae notes man, straight up. so i felt what better way to continue this musical exploration by doing a piece on the man, the myth, the cosmic legend....The Polish Ambassador.

crank this cat's music up super loud and watch as your living space getz transformed into an all out electric dance party and you get hurled into a time-space portal of epic proportions.

ps. this is technically last week's piece, so expect another one this week!!

11" x 14" acrylics and inks on bristol
$65 or $80 framed.
message me for shipping out of SATX.
to purchase, shoot me an e.mail: bluzillaone@gmail.com

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