Friday, June 10, 2011

L'Via In Tune.

here we have a band i haven't been able to get enough of lately; The Mars Volta. between this band, At The Drive-In, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, i have been burning my (and my roommate's) speakers with the insane effects-driven guitar riffs and shrieking melodic vocals of Omar and Cedric, respectively. i don't know much about these bands other than they are from my home state of Texas (GEEUUHH!!, recognize!!) and that i really enjoi the different incarnations of these guys. i've been diggin their music a lot lately and seemed like a great place to start this weekly blog. Google or Tube or Bandcamp these cats and turn your speakers up!! your neighbors will thank you later.

or call the cops. either way, its still great music.

11" x 14" acrylics and inks on bristol

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