Friday, June 10, 2011


hello friends!! welcome to my new art blog!! for those of you unfamiliar with who i am and what i do, feel free to visit or my facebook page to learn a little about me, my my work, and my run-a-muck nonsense i call humor. for those who know me already, here's the new project i've been working on.

for the passed few weeks i have been following a daily blog by a great artist and inspiration Dave Crosland aka King Gum. his daily blog is Alphabet Attack and everyday [he] did a painting corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. i have a lot of fun watching what else he is going to create as hes done everything from Aeon Flux to Transformers to Star Wars and all our nerdy favorites. watching these constant creations i decided i'd like to do something similar with an ongoing idea i already had. for some time now i've wanted to do a series of paintings on my favorite bands, MCs, rappers, etc. so i thought a weekly blog would be a good way to a) keep me creating and b) flesh this idea out a little more cohesively. but having to work a dayjob, i cannot do a daily blog myself. so i am gonna do my best to have a weekly piece posted here instead.

expect music of all genres as i love all types of music. and i will most likely have them all for sale as well for anyone interested in purchasing one. i tend to sell a lot on facebook and @ my shows in town so please email me ( immediately if interested.

hope you enjoi and without further hesitation, i give you numero uno!!....

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