Tuesday, November 8, 2011


been a minute and i been sittin on this one for a couple weeks now. i hadn't planned on uploading it as i wanted a full on painting for Tech N9ne but this is my blog and i can do whatever the fuck i want even if it means some musicians get repeated. so here we have, the one them call, Tech N9ne. the King, the Clown, the G. i found Tech N9ne through a group known as Twiztid, hardcore rap group from Detroit that still can't seem to make a bad record. they were listing there features for Green Book before it was released back in '03 and Tech was one of the names listed. i hadn't ever heard of him so i decided to seek his music.

the first track i remember coming across was "Stamina". 20 seconds of raw spittin' lyrics across multiple semi-auto gunshots. no music, no drums, just the gun associated tongue. holy shit i was FLOORED. i kept on seeking, searching. the first video i found was "Slacker". super fun track that described my life @ the moment quite well. i fell in love instantly with his delivery, sounds, attitude, and overall steez. for many years after i bought everyone of his records, each one with that fire. but none will ever compare (in my eyes) to Anghellic: Reparations. that album tells a grim tale that leads the listener on a true journey from hell, limbo, and then heaven.

Tech N9ne's originality has always been the pinnacle of my love for his music. his bare-all style, constant cultural references such as "Fuck 'Em Girl" (Martin Lawrence's You So Crazy) and Kevin Hart lines, and urge to work with damn near anybody seeking his music has always been a huge inspiration for me as an artist and a person. not to mention his drive and work ethic to make it big, regardless of little airplay and recognition from the industry. something even us artists can relate to. today, November 8th, marks the day this wonderful soul was delivered into Earth setting him down the path of musical genius. it is also the date of his newest release Strangeland. so be sure and pick that up today, support real music. thanks for all the music Tech, keep on keepin' on mutha fucka that's word.

"a lot of talent and chemical imbalance and MDMA."

9" x 12" inks on mixed media paper
Currently Not For Sale
message me for shipping out of SATX.
to purchase, shoot me an e.mail: bluzillaone@gmail.com

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