Monday, November 21, 2011

Metal Fist Terrorist?.

a few years ago in my drawing class back in college i met a guy name REVS. he was (is) a dope graffiti artist from here in SATX i believe and we would spend our breaks talking graffiti and art with another homie of mind, Rob Bee (who now does tattoos @ Trufant Brothers Tattoos in San Angelo btw). anyway, REVS gave me this old school LSD (Life Sucks Die) magazine one day in class and if you arent familiar, LSD was a graffiti magazine that had TONS of photos from all over the world in awesome collage style but also had reviews of records and featured random hot naked girls and well what more could one ask for in a magazine?

the magazine is now defunct, but i was fortunate enough to have one that had an interview of an MC by the name of MF DOOM. the review was of his now legendary CD Operation: Doomsday. the interview was i think 2 pages long but had the cover blowed up mad huge. so all i can see was Dr. Doom holding a mic. how fucking clever is that!? i read the interview not knowing anything about his music. it wasn't til maybe a year later i remembered the interview and decided to look his music up. i can't remember what the first songs were, but i remember finding his [2004] website that had an ILL illustration on the left with animated speakers bumping instrumental loops. the one i do remember most and sold me on DOOM all together was his actually his alter ego's [Viktor Vaughn] Vaudeville Villain on that same site.

MF DOOM's music is a very sample-driven style of hip hop. and trust when i say he has made some CLASSICS. an obscure character, its very rare you will see him live in concert (even if you pay for a ticket it seems lol). a very chill style of MC, DOOM is such a relatable character in the sense that he has a ton of different personas in his music. personally, i don't ever feel like just one person myself. i actually had a convo about this a few minutes ago about my birth name v. Bluzilla. crazy. anyway, MF DOOM is also a producer so all of DOOM's beats are his own. his alter egos' music however, tends to vary. so take a listen to MF DOOM when you get a chance. if you love hip hop and don't know who he is, i guarantee you will love him. and if you know him, then you already know what time it is, pass me the last one beer and blast Accordion.

"Everytime i see you/Its like the first time i meet you.
Fragrance like a flower/Subtle and sweet too,
Seductive and whatever/It might as well be see through."

9" x 12" acrylics and inks on bristol
Currently not for sale.
message me for shipping out of SATX.
to purchase, shoot me an e.mail:

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