Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cause of Revolution.

VIVA LA REVOLUCION!! such resounding words from one of the most interesting MCs of my time. a few years ago i had know idea who this man was let alone what he stood for. i stumbled across a song of his through a frequented website of mine,, by mere chance. it was listed in their weekly songs on the right column. this song changed my life forever. and i sincerely mean that. the words throughout this song filled me with complete exuberance and many "holy shit!"-moments. the delivery was raw & punchy, the beat was sic with a somewhat tribal kick & snare combo, but the lyrics....the LYRICS are what sold me. they struck a chord so deep i completely shut off everything else going on in the office..and immersed myself in this man's words....

the song was a gritty expose on the travesties and lies of September 11. so much information was put into these verses that i found myself immediately researching damn near everything he mentioned in the track as soon as it was over. as the song played on repeat, i found a whole new world of the attacks on the Twin Towers in NY. a world i didn't know existed. something didn't ever sit right with me about the entire attacks, and the topics i was coming across were all too real and began to answer many of those questions. it exposed a side to 9/11 that so many, including myself, had overlooked.

the song was Cause of Death by Immortal Technique.

powerful. i began to seek more of his music after rifling through so much government cover-up and came across Dance With The Devil. i won't even go into the disturbing content of this one but simply urge you to go listen to it if you are unfamiliar. the story painted is VERY grim but all too amazing in its form to not appreciate. i was immediately interested in his odd rhyme schemes too. he didn't always have the common AABB rhythm. often he stepped into AAABBB rhymes and i sometimes found it hard to catch, being used to the former for so many years, but it certainly made him stand out to any others i was listening to then by that alone.

Immortal Technique is quite the intelligent individual. his interviews aren't ever boring and he speaks very eloquently in a no-limitations manner. his rhymes in his songs hit even harder, with gut-wrenching honesty. this guy opened up an entire new spectrum of life for me and i began to question a lot around me, things i had forgotten about since high school. all i can say is thank you Immortal Tech. thank you for opening my eyes and urging me and everyone else to think for ourselves. there aren't NEARLY enough of you in the rap game, let alone in this world..

"And they thought that nobody noticed the news report that they did,
about the bombs planted on the George Washington bridge.
Four non-Arabs arrested during the emergency,
and then it disappeared form the news permanently."

13" x 19" inks on mixed media paper
Currently not for sale.

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