Monday, July 16, 2012

Accordion Folders.

one of the greater collabs of our hip hop generation came together with the combination of two dope ass MCs & Producers. being a proficient beat-maker AND an MC is a feat few can do, let alone do it well. and these two not only have lustrous careers as both, but they also have a great career as the menacing hip hop duo known as Madvillain. combining forces of DOOM's riddling chorus-lacking lyrics laced over Madlibs creative drum and sample loops, these two provided listeners with something new and exciting. and if that wasn't enough, they even created a character for their partnership. the burly masked villain knocks enemies out in a large green trench coat and brown fedora in one of my absolute favorite music videos ever--ALL CAPS. this video is an animated comic book. it is drawn so well and the storytelling is super dope. even the coloring is in traditional old school comic form complete with one of my favorite (now digital) printing techniques, halftones!! i can't express my love for this video enough.

when i first heard DOOM, i was entranced by his villainous ways. when i heard Madvillain, i was surprised that he could still muster up yet another persona so well. but he did. Kid Robot even did a figure of the Madvillain character that to this day i am still upset over for choosing to eat that week instead of copping the figure lol. but hey, my birthday is next week so if anyone can find one for me that'd be super awesome. till then, keep your eyes out for the trademark fedora and green trench coat of the overbearing metal-faced super villain, Madvillain.

"That's why he brings his own needles.
And get more cheese than Doritios/Cheetos/or Fritos.
Slip like Freudian,
Your first and last step to playin' yourself/like accordion."

11" x 14" acrylic and inks on bristol

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