Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ubiquitously Deevilish.

last year i came across a new group that infused a fresh sound of rap into my speakers and hedphones. i came across them by chance through Tech N9ne's Bad Season mixtape. the mixtape itself was (is) SUPER ILL and one track had these two rappers that stood out from all other features on [Bad Season]. the skills these two cats possess are uncanny and they struck a deep chord within me. the duo is known as CES CRU. and these dudes are BEASTS on the mics.

it's been a while since i've heard rappers approach the mic with such lyricism as these two. their style is something you would normally hear in hip hop, only with a different sound of course. CES has nice multis, great control of speed, and overall commanding rhythm on the mic. rap today is over 90% garbage, so it's been a refreshing experience finding CES CRU and the sheer awesomeness they carry in their music. the intelligent flows of Ubiquitous and the thought-provoking imagery of Godemis have definitely caught my attention. CES has been around for a minute and the unique sound of the two meshed together has got me keeping a close eye and ear on these two. i suggest you do the same.


"i got you a box of chocolates/a blunt/and a single rose
a pot to piss in/since matter dont money/a change of clothes
call it karma/come on let me paint your fingers and toes
i gotta get you comfy/before i get on the road."

"im the freshest thing out/gettin scooped on tour
cuz im hot for the moment/like a soup de jour
tryna hang with me hard/like shootin doors
or a stand-up fighter/tryna shoot Couture/Randy."

11" x 14" inks on bristol
Currently not for sale.
(individual images below.)

Money Spheres.

Deevil Don't Mind.

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