Wednesday, February 20, 2013


BOOM. Dilla. Dilla Day. Dilla Month. All throughout February. Name the top five producers of all time. Dilla, Dilla, Dilla, Dilla, Dilla, because he dropped hot fi-ya lol. Naw naw, all kidding aside I thought what better way to pay tribute to a musical mastermind than to embody him in a style I have been having a lot of fun with lately. These little animated characters have been providing me with so much fun and smiles as I create I thought it would be a great way to pay homage. Then, to one up myself, I made him a donut.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dilla (and the donut connection for that matter) I suggest you fire up your YouTubes and Groovesharks and Spotifies and get ya school on. Dilla was (is) one of hip hop's dopest producers who passed away in 2006. I can honestly say I am not the know-all of Dilla. I am not the most familiar with his catalog nor have I always been a die-hard fan. I just know One Won't Do is BY FAR my favorite shit. The Shining is my favorite Dilla rec. Only One Can Win is my favorite instrumental. Jay Stay Paid is my favorite release after he passed away and Dilla will forever be revered as one of hip hop's absolute GREATEST, continuing to be missed my millions the world over to this day.

If you don't know Dilla, you'd be surprised that you probably do. Dilla has worked with sooo many of hip hop's greatest talents including Slum Village, Common, De La, DOOM, Royce, Busta, Tribe, Pharcyde, The Roots, Badu, Madlib, Ghost, D'Angelo, Mos, the list goes on and on and on like a cross-country train ride for fucking days, son. Straight up. So check the liner notes of your old classics, there's a good chance he had a hand in it.

As for this piece itself, I had to include a few things to further drive the Dilla point home. One, the halo. Rest In Paradise, Dilla. Two, the classic MPC2000. Warm analog flavor we all love. Three, the fresh ass fedora hat. Four, that chin strap and mouthpiece, the wings for the same as the halo, and the donut for his record Donuts. Dilla you are missed by many and we all feel your presence when we tap into the source whilst we create.

"Whole body blingin' like 3-P-O nigga
And when I pull that fucker out
It attracts the gold diggers
With them big ol' jelly, Smuckered out."

11" x 14" acrylics and inks on bristol
**Special Edition prints available @

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