Saturday, August 30, 2014

Devising Virus.

The ship has left the dock once again to embark on a new journey throughout the cosmos. The collective force known only as Deltron 3030 came through San Antonio on a stop earlier this year and brought a live band with them (including a piece of The Mars Volta with Juan Alderete). The show was very energetic and it was nice to see these space fiends perform a great set. The city came through too, packing the venue with a surprising amount of people. Deltron has been one of those suuuper underground groups mostly known only to true heads.

I found Deltron by chance years ago, likely through a random find with Hieroglyphics. I used to hear the name Del The Funky Homosapien thrown around a bit and wondered "What the hell kind of name is that!?". I was pleasantly surprised when I began to hear more of his music and his, well, funky style. Del's delivery is very rhythmic and fluctuation in tone. Spit over Automator's otherworldly beats and Kid Kola's erratic cuts make this combo a very special one. Having never seen Del perform live before, I was in for something very new and exciting. The live band addition made for a dope show and this set was reminiscent of that ill Cut Chemist show I caught years ago (and one of my favorite of all time across all genres). A splash of high energy and pulsing cuts across button-pushing drum tracks gave me nothing but smiles the entire night.

Del is definitely someone who approaches lyricism from a shy spot between left field and that place in your mind you rarely visit. I drew the piece in the following days after the show. It wasn't til recently that I finally found time to lay some colors down. I found myself travelling to that same rare place when I colored this, trying some new shape exploration. I had two colorways for this one, finally settling on this warner toned background. It is definitely the launching pad for the next step in my art that I am excited to share with you all very soon. For now, enjoy this fun and colorful character known as Deltron 3030.

"Infiltration hits your station
No Microsoft or enhanced DOS will impede
Society thinks their safe when
Bingo!--hard drive crashes from the rending"

Stay Creative,

9"x12" ink on mixed media paper, digital colors
For purchase of this Original painting, contact me at

(Prints to follow)

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