Saturday, December 20, 2014

Step Inside, Turning Ugly Grin.

The collective masked madness known as Slipknot has recently released their latest creation upon the world and have taken to the road once more to share their sicness with every one of you. Slipknot has been one of my favorite metal bands of all time and continues to impress me with each release. Although some hit harder than others, they always have a solid build in their arsenal and their latest endeavor is no exception.

5: The Gray Chapter is the first release since Paul's death and Joey's departure from the group. This had a lot of us in question of what would become of the band we all know and love. Would the death break the band up forever? Would the departure of the long-favored drummer make a huge declining impact in their sound? As the record starts, all of these questions are proven useless as you realize this is just another growth in the band. Their is evolution here. And it sounds fucking amazing.

Slipknot made their way into my city last month to which I was unable to attend. This left me sad lol. But, I took matters into my hands and decided to ask all of my Facebook friends to share their photos in an effort to live the experience vicariously through them. I wanted more than anything to see a good photo of Sid, that dude is my metal hero. I held a contest with the best photo of Sid and the best overall winning a free art pack from yours truly as well as an original illustration of their favorite member. Long time supporter and fellow Maggot, Roxy, provided me with the winning submission of Sid and her choice was Corey. I love depicting their new masks every time they come out with a new one. Their look is always so much fun to create and Corey's new Frankenstein face is no exception. A mask within a mask, Corey's mask is truly spooky. The second winner wanted an illustration of Corey as well, so I felt it fitting to depict his mask without it's top layer. Each one was super fun to create and were striking reminders of how much I love to draw and paint, especially with a good soundtrack such as this one.

"To each his own
Life can do with one less watered-down excuse
There comes a time when we can't take the same abuse
My god, it would've taken just one word to stay away from you
Now that this is over you can tell me it's no use."

Stay Creative,

9"x12" ink on mixed media paper, digital colors
For comission of your own Slipknot or other band illustration, contact me at

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